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Aquabe Themes

Aquatic Resource Management

Aquatic biodiversity- Coral reefs, Sea grass, Mangroves, Impact of climate change on resources. long-term trends in capture fisheries, stock-recruitment anomalies and community structure. Socioeconomics of fishery sector; Highly migratory and straddling stocks. Regional Fishery Management and management of resources in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction …

Aquatic Production Systems 

Aquaculture, Climate resilient aquaculture.Mariculture.Seed production and quality control. Feed formulation, Biotechnological interventions and bioinformatics, Aquatic animal health. Transboundary movements of pathogens, Socio-economics and ecological impacts of fish farming

Climate Change Impacts on blue Economy 

Ocean health, Global warming, sea level changes, hypoxia and OMZs, ocean acidification, coastal and marine ecosystems, estuaries, lakes and rivers. Implications on living resources and blue economy.

Ocean Processes and Environmental Assessment 

Processes influencing ecosystem health, essential nutrients and toxic contaminants, plastics and marine debris, estuarine ecosystem, carbon budgeting, species translocation, ocean dynamics.Applications of remote sensing and GIS.

Aquatic Products and Technologies

Fish and nutritional security; Fish utilization; modern technologies for product diversification; fish quality; modern trends in fish safety; fish waste management. Reducing harvest & post-harvest losses, Technologies for improving efficiency and sustainability of seafood value chain,Bio-prospecting and inventorisation of novel …

Marketing and Trade

Trade related issues in fish and fishery products, export & import of fish and aquatic products, economic trend analysis of national and international market, Fish trade including ornamental fish. Eco-labelling and certification.

Legal regimes, Policies and Governance

Fisheries and aquaculture governance; Progress in the implementation of the FAO Code of Conduct of Responsible Fisheries.Regulated fishery versus open access fishery.Initiatives to combat IUU fishing; Sustainable fisheries management and biodiversity conservation in areas within and beyond national jurisdiction.Legal issues …

Education and Capacity building – regional cooperation